TR Christmas 2005 giveaway winners revealed

The time for entries has ended, the dust has settled, and we've picked out the four lucky winners of our Christmas 2005 giveaway who answered our tech trivia questions correctly. Our Grand Prize winner is Taylor Aiken. Taylor will be receiving our killer Grand Prize Combo, which looks like so: Merry Christmas, Taylor. Prepare for the smoothness of SMP.

Our three runners up are Josh Broughton, David McClelland, and John Harrell. Each of them will be receiving our one of our Runner-Up Combos, which include:

Congrats to all of our winners. Hope you guys enjoy building your new systems!

Some of you have asked about our so-called trick question and some potential pitfalls of how the questions were worded. To satisfy your curiosity, let me address some of those possibilities.

Question one was: "How many pixels shaders does the GeForce 7800 GT have?" The correct answer was 20. Some legalistic folks pointed out that the G70 GPU actually has 24 pixel shader units, with four disabled. In order to prevent possible fuzzy interpretations of the question from causing controversy, we decided to act like the softies that we are and also accept 24 as a correct answer.

Question two asked: "The Athlon 64 X2 4200+ has how much total L2 cache?" This one was the trick question. The correct answer is 1024K or 1MB, because each CPU core has 512K of L2 cache on this dual-core processor. We asked for total L2 cache, which is crystal clear in my book. Those who answered 512K were disqualified.

"How many lanes of PCI Express connectivity are built into the nForce4 SLI chipset?" was question three. This was no trick question, but some folks apparently got confused and answered for the nForce4 SLI X16 instead. That's a different product, folks. We linked the review with the relevant info right above the question. The correct number was 20. That said, we decided early on to accept 19 as correct, too, due to some ambiguity in certain NVIDIA docs about the product.

See, we really are softies.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors—including ECS, AMD, BFG Tech, Newegg, Corsair, and Ultra—and to everybody who participated. I'm gratified by the fact that we were able to provide such an incredible package of quality enthusiast-class parts for our prize packages. Let's hope we can do something even better next time around. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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