Infinium Labs to launch Phantom Lapboard

According to BetaNews, Infinium Labs (developers of the MIA Phantom Game Receiver) will actually bring a product to market in Q2 2006. The Phantom Lapboard is wireless keyboard + mouse designed specifically for the living room. The device has full-size keys and an extended spacebar.

For once, there may actually be a product behind the company's vaporware. When Infinium Labs demoed the Phantom at E3 in 2004, the company's keyboard design impressed at least some of the attendees. According to PC World's Andrew Brandt, the lapboard's design might make it "the best game accessory in the history of consoles." Game Horizon also praised the controller combo, saying: "The mouse-keyboard thingie (lapboard) works nicely. You can have the mouse under the keyboard, and have the keyboard pivoted for comfort. The keyboard rotates 360 degrees so that you crazy left-handed people can use the lapboard too."

Could Infinium Labs actually have built something people will want to buy? A living-room friendly keyboard could appeal to any number of markets, including anyone with a home theater PC. After all the legal shenanigans and broken promises, I won't believe Phantom actually has a product until I see it on store shelves, but this concept seems like it could be quite a winner.

Here are two shots of the Lapboard from the 2004 E3 demo. There's no word yet on how the shipping product would differ from the prototype shown here, if at all.

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