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When I saw this story's headline at MSNBC, I thought maybe the press had picked up the story of my recent PC upgrade. But no. This is something with even more cooling fans: the baddest supercomputer ever. Matthew Lenzen mailed in the link. He writes:
The DOD ordered it for simulating the detonation of the aging warheads in the US nuclear arsenal. The bad ass is called ASCI White, for Advanced Strategic Computing Initiative. It contains 8,192 processors, 6.2 terabytes of RAM, and can crank out 12 teraflops (12 trillion calculations per second). No #'s on how well it does at Q3A benchmarks, though.
All that hardware should land this puppy at the top of the Top 500 list of supercomputer rankings.

MSNBC's report actually mentions the switching fabric IBM used to achieve better scalability for all of those processors, believe it or not. I can't wait to see this kind of tech hit PC motherboards in force.

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