NVIDIA to reveal future plans by end of Q1

With NVIDIA's recent acquisition of ULi, DigiTimes is reporting that the green team will have an announcement about its future operational plans by the end of the first quarter.

To be sure, whatever NVIDIA decides to do with ULi will impact ATI since many motherboards based on ATI's chipsets have opted to mate ATI's north bridge with ULi's south bridge in favor of ATI's own south bridge. ATI has to be concerned that NVIDIA will stop supplying motherboard makers with ULi's south bridges because ATI's latest south bridge has some... shortcomings and issues, and let's face it, green and red just don't mix very well together, right?

For its part, ATI is said to be on track to produce a new and more feature-rich south bridge by the second quarter of this year. Let's hope that ATI will have worked out all their south bridge problems by then.

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