Ars reviews the Matrox DualHead2Go

While it is true that many of today's video cards are dual-display friendly right out of the box, there are quite a few people who use a laptop as their primary computer, and these people along with desktop users using integrated graphics chipsets have been mostly shut out of the dual-display party. That is no longer the case because the company from up north has attempted to remedy this situation with the Matrox DualHead2Go. This nifty device expands a single VGA out into two outputs allowing you to connect your laptop or PC to two monitors. In fact, notebook users can even get the benefit of three monitors if they use their laptop as their primary display. Does it sound too good to be true? Ars Technica has written a review of the product to see if it can deliver as advertised.

The prospective buyer should know that only hardware on Matrox's official compatibility list has been tested and certified by Matrox for use with the DualHead2Go, but the reviewer was able to get it to work with ATI's Radeon 7000 despite the fact that it is not officially supported by Matrox. Conspiracy theorists will surely note that only integrated graphics chipsets from Intel and not those from ATI and NVIDIA are supported at this time, but Ars goes on to test with other exotic hardware like a Sun UltraSparc II and a Micro AmigaOne.

The bottom line is that the DualHead2Go enables laptop users and those desktop PC users with integrated graphics chipsets—specifically those from Intel—to enjoy the benefits of a multiple display setup without having to do a wholesale upgrade of their systems.

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