AMD goes 'Live'

AMD has matched Intel's Viiv platform with this announcement:
SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- January 4, 2006 -- AMD today unveiled its vision to apply the power and flexibility of the PC to enable enhanced digital entertainment experiences on all the screens in peoples’ lives. As part of this vision, AMD plans to extend the professional AMD LIVE! brand to full-featured consumer multimedia desktop and notebook PCs expected to be delivered in mid-2006. True to AMD’s customer-centric approach, AMD LIVE! is meant for innovative, complementary, industry-friendly solutions that enhance the consumer electronics and broadcast devices already accepted and used by consumers today. AMD LIVE! experiences should offer users the ability to seamlessly connect, store, distribute, access and enjoy digital media content in multiple rooms throughout their home and even take it with them to enjoy on the go, virtually anytime, anywhere.
This is all largely a matter of branding, but C|Net reports that some of the differences are that Intel will do more hardware testing with different products to ensure interoperability before PCs can receive the "Viiv certified" label. In addition, Intel will require PCs to use Intel processors, core-logic chipsets, and networking chips inside Viiv-branded PCs. In contrast, AMD will only be providing the processor for their Live-branded PCs and will leave the issue of compatibility and interoperability largely up to the system integrators to make work.

Expect both AMD and Intel to pursue aggressive marketing strategies for the home entertainment sector this year. Intel Viiv PCs will hit the market some time this quarter, and AMD Live PCs are expected in retail by midyear.

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