Gates delivers pre-CES keynote address

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has delivered the annual pre-CES keynote address. If you were lucky. you could have watched a streaming version of the speech here. According to C|Net's synopsis, Gates used a large part of his time to lionize the virtues of Windows Vista, Microsoft's next operating system, due out later this year. Here are some of the salient features of Vista:
  • Flip 3D: featuring a new and presumably better way to manage windows
  • Windows Sidebar: showing RSS feeds, sports scores, weather information, etc.
  • Photo Gallery: a new photo-editing program similar to Apple's iPhoto
  • WMP 11
  • IE7
Separately, as part of its support for HD DVD, Microsoft announced that it will offer an HD DVD drive as an add-on for Xbox 360 owners. The Treo 700w smartphone, a handheld based on Windows Mobile 5.0, is available now. Also, Microsoft propped up an exec from MTV along with pop artist Justin Timberlake to talk about its online digital music service venture.
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