AnandTech marks Intel's Core™ Duo launch

Intel® made the launch of the Centrino® Duo and Core™ Duo platforms official yesterday, and although AnandTech has already explored much of Yonah's performance in a two-part article, AnandTech has chosen to make its series of articles on the Core™ Duo a trilogy. What sets this latest review apart from AT's previous articles is that this time the focus is on the Core™ Duo's performance relative to other notebook CPUs and not simply on its prowess as a stand-alone CPU. AT tests the Core™ Duo T2400 (1.83GHz) against a similarly configured Pentum M 750 (1.83GHz) to determine how much system performance and battery life have improved over Intel's previous mobile line of notebooks.

AnandTech also includes a preview of the Thinkpad T60, Lenovo's first Centrino® Duo notebook.

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