More 'miggy madness

As a follow-up to the other day's Amiga news, you may want to check out this overview of the Amiga Software Development Kit (and thanks to /. for the link). The new efforts at Amiga sound impressive; even the New York Times has covered them. And it looks as if your old Amiga apps—and computers—aren't being left out. Get this:
A lot of people are asking about backward compability to the classic Amiga operating systems, and Amiga, Inc. is promising this through software emulation. While this is valuable, it's not what's really exciting about the design that's been chosen for the NG Amiga.

Amiga, Inc claims to have around 40 platforms ready to run VP. These platforms range from handhelds to servers. Given the broad range of platforms implementing some kind of Amiga NG runtime environment, my guess is that Amiga Classic is/will be one of them. This means in fact that not only do you have backwards compability from Amiga NG to Amiga Classic though software emulation, you will also have forward compability so you can run Amiga NG software on Amiga Classic.

Man, I'd love to get my hands on an old A4000 with this new OS. The real question, however, is this: Can the SDK run Speedball 2?
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