Shields up? is reporting that this week's trials of a U.S. missile defense system are being made perhaps a bit too easy. It seems test conditions will be much more controlled than any reasonably realistic scenario:
"The Pentagon knows the type of rocket launching the target as well as the nature of the target; it knows how powerful the rocket's engine is, where it is coming from, and when it is being launched," writes Thompson. "The crew launching the interceptor will even get to listen in on the countdown of the warhead's rocket as it happens. All that is valuable intelligence, and much, if not all of it, would be denied to the U.S. if a rogue state decided to strike."
Sounds to me like this technology has a looooong way to go. I'm all for an effective missile defense system, but I have to wonder about its feasbility—especially in light of the history of defensive weapons. How much harder would it be to build a MIRV missile that knows how to juke outta the way? Or to launch cheap decoys alongside the real thing?
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