Apple's secret mouse grabs attention

When I first heard about Apple's new mouse that doesn't have buttons and can't be "clicked," I was very skeptical, but AppleInsider's write-up on the new Apple controller has me excited. Here's the kicker:
True to previous rumors, the mouse does not sport a traditional mouse button. Instead, sources said, the user simply applies pressure to to front of the unit, at which time resistance will give way allowing the mouse, as a whole, to tilt closer to the underlying surface, producing what is currently known as a mouse click.

Additionally, users may choose to 'grab' or 'squeeze' the case of the mouse to produce the same effect. Apple apparently added this capability to simulate actions in current high-end 3-D and design applications, where the artist uses the cursor to 'grab' an object and position it on the canvas or 3-D environment.

Imagine grabbing and tilting an object in virtual 3D space using this thing, and maybe you'll get the concept. (Anybody thinking about pr0n right now, please seek therapy.) Combined with the right user interface, this mouse could pretty radically alter the way we use computers.

Anyway, it's better than the iMac's hockey puck.

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