Interview reveals Nintendo Revolution GPU details

Revolution Report has an interesting interview with John Swinimer, ATI's PR manager for consumer products, which discusses the Hollywood graphics chip for Nintendo's upcoming Revolution console.
Revolution Report: Is Hollywood based off Flipper, a current or upcoming PC architecture, or built from the ground up?

Swinimer: Hollywood is a specific design and is in no way reflective of PC technology. Even when the Flipper chips came out, people were asking that question: "Is this a spin-off of something done on the PC?", and the answer is no. It is designed the same as the Flipper was -- from the ground up for a specific console. Totally different sort of architecture from what you might find on the PC. Certainly, there are some underlying values—you know, how you get graphics on the screen—that's there. It's not, for example, like we took a PC design and said 'oh, you know what? If we tweak this and test this, it will work in a console.' [That's] not the case.

Game developers have suggested that the Revolution will have considerably less horsepower than either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, but the console's development environment is apparently excellent. The Revolution should also be the least expensive console of the three, with Xbox 360s selling for between $299 and $399 (provided you can find one in stock), and analysts and game developers predicting that the PlayStation 3 will sell for $500.
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