MacBook Pro compared to Core Duo PC notebook

The MacBook Pro isn't even a week old, but the folks at osViews are already comparing it to a similarly equipped PC. The article attempts to rectify a "long held misunderstanding that Macs are priced out of sync with the rest of the computing industry," something that should be easier to clarify now that Apple has begun the switch to Intel processors. Things start well enough, with the author matching the MacBook Pro against a Core Duo-powered Inspiron 9400 notebook from Dell. It's pretty much all downhill from there, though.

For starters, it seems silly to try and compare a 17" Dell laptop with the 15" MacBook Pro—especially when the author gives the Inspiron props for its bigger screen but gives the MacBook kudos for its lighter weight "as a result of its smaller display." And it gets worse. The author then goes on to claim that the MacBook's mid-range Radeon X1600 is a better graphics card than NVIDIA's high-end GeForce Go 7800. He also claims that the Inspiron lacks DVI and VGA outputs, which isn't the case, and he appears to have ignored the fact that his Inspiron build includes a 7,200-RPM hard drive, while the MacBook's drive spins at only 5,400 RPM.

It's unfortunate that the article doesn't do a better job of objectively and accurately comparing the MacBook Pro with Core Duo-powered PC notebooks, because it's possible that many consumers will be trying to decide between them. Of course, osViews has a history of misrepresenting the PC platform in attempts to prove Mac superiority.

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