Intel to shed the Pentium name?

I'm not sure what to make of this report claiming Intel plans to stop using the Pentium brand name. The story says the decision has already been made:
Intel has made a final decision to get rid of one of its oldest and most valuable brands, sources told TG Daily: "Pentium," unveiled in 1993 for its P5 processor generation, will begin to quietly disappear in the current CPU generation such as the single-core 600 series as well as the D 800 and D 900 families.
This seems like big news, if true, but I haven't seen it widely reported, and apparently Intel has declined to comment. The move to drop the Pentium name would make some sense right about now given Intel's push toward platform-oriented branding and its coming transition to a new, common microarchitecture for its processors. Intel has recently launched a new "brand image," as well, with revamped logos and the new "Leap ahead" tagline. Indeed, the Pentium M has already been replaced by the Core Solo and Core Duo CPUs, odd names that kind of follow a time-honored Intel tradition of picking (and trademarking) seemingly obvious names for things, a la High Definition Audio.

Still, casting off the Pentium brand would be quite the bold decision for Intel. As Rob Enderle put it in the story linked above, "It is like General Motors not selling Chevrolets anymore."

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