osViews challenges TR to Mac-PC smackdown

So this just dropped into my inbox this morning, after we called out osViews for a faulty comparison between a MacBook Pro and a Dell laptop:
Interested in co-authoring a "correct" laptop comparison?

It's always been my contention that you never Made an accurate Mac comparison and with every comparison we've made, you've gone out of your way to make our comparisons look skewed.

I would like both sites to co-author an editorial in which we can both publish.

How about it?

Kelly McNeill
osOpinion Inc.

Interesting, no? I considered the possibility of a jointly published article, but decided on a different course. Here is my response:

Thanks for the offer. However, I am not sure about the logistics of co-authoring an article about subject matter on which we will apparently disagree. I am also a little bit confounded by the sheer inappropriateness of your Mac-to-PC comparisons. A 17" laptop vs. a 15" model? And somehow you found a way to make a GeForce 7800 GPU appear in the same class as a Radeon X1600XT. Are you aware of the performance delta between the two?


Those two GPUs are no more in the same class than 17" and 15" laptops are¬óless so, if that's possible. The X1600 XT is a $169 list graphics card in desktop form, and the GeForce 7800 series starts at $300 and goes up to about $749. The transistor count differences are massive, with all of the corresponding differences in computational capability and pixel throughput, and the 7800 series has twice the memory path width of the X1600 series.

Your comparison has other, similar errors that persist despite plentiful reader feedback on the issues. I think it might be best to pursue the subject on our own websites and simply link back and forth as needed.

You are right to say that we've not provided a counter-example to your latest comparison. One reason for that is Apple has an apparent advantage in getting access to Core Duo processors before the rest of the PC OEMs. Thus, a direct comparison to a major OEM's PC laptop, with pricing, may not yet be possible. I suppose perhaps that's why you tried to compare the MacBook to a 17" Dell. I would prefer to explore this topic in a few weeks, when Core Duo laptops reach widespread availability and like-to-like latop chassis and feature comparisons, with solid pricing, are possible. We'll then write up a comparison and let you know when it's online. How's that?


Scott Wasson
The Tech Report
Personal computing explored

So we will have to keep an eye on Core Duo laptop availability as it grows, and once we have enough solid options in 15" laptops, we'll write up a quick comparo. Now that Macs are built pretty much entirely using commodity PC hardware, there's nowhere to hide. Should be fun.
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