Abit announces merger with USI

Ronald already covered this in the 'bread, but it deserves a little extra attention. Abit has announced a long-term strategic partnership with Universal Scientific Industrial, a company with roots in the computing, communications, and consumer and car electronics industries. Motherboards are actually one of USI's main product lines, and they're looking to Abit to help break into the retail mobo market. Abit has been plagued by uncertainty about its financial position for some time now, but with $1.6 billion in revenues last year, USI's pockets should be deep enough to quiet any fears.
"The partnership with USI marks a new, exciting chapter in ABIT history," notes Jason Hsu, Executive Vice President, ABIT Computer Corporation. "The past 15 months have certainly been trying times for ABIT, and we have to thank all the ABIT fans around for the world for their undying support throughout this most difficult period in ABIT's history. Now, with USI's manufacturing excellence and economies of scale, coupled with ABIT Engineering and innovation, we are confident that our combined resources will produce our most exciting ABIT products ever. To those who have stuck with us, we thank you -- the best is yet to come."
Interestingly, while the Abit press release only mentions a "long-term strategic partnership" and "merger" with USI, DigiTimes claims that USI will establish a subsidiary to acquire Abit's motherboard business. The deal would supposedly include Abit's brand and all patents, products, and human resources tied to the company's motherboard business.
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