1. HEXUS reports that eBuyer is set to withdraw from the US market
  2. DigiTimes continues the processor wars part V: Intel's Itanium—to be or not to be?
  3. ThinkComputers covers ATI EverLAN Winter 2006
  4. FiringSquad counts the 5 problems with videogame journalism
  5. XYZ Computing proclaims the year of the HTPC
  6. Tech-Hounds on SLI: myth and reality
  7. eCoustics' DRM article
  8. NGOHQ has NGO NVIDIA optimized driver v1.8310 and SPAMfighter 4.3.0 review
Systems, multimedia, and cooling

  1. BIOS reviews Dell Inspiron XPS M170
  2. Digit-Life has SPEC CPU2000 part 23: four-processor dual-core AMD Opteron 875
  3. HotHardware reviews Squeezebox network music player
  4. Hard Tecs 4U reviews ASUS X-Mars K8P1 cooler for dual-core CPU (in German)

  1. VR-Zone reviews Radeon X1900 XT retail cards from ASUS and Sapphire
  2. HardwareZone reviews Palit GeForce 7800 GT Blitz
  3. TrustedReviews on ASUS Extreme N7800GT TOP SILENT
  4. Bytesector reviews PowerColor X1300 Pro Bravo Edition
  5. AnandTech takes a closer look at NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS: EVGA, Leadtek, PNY, and Evertop
  6. HotHardware reviews PowerColor Theater 550 Pro
  7. Designtechnica reviews Gateway FPD2185 21" LCD monitor
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