NVIDIA press manipulation?

A while back, the folks at NVIDIA fansite Riva3D posted a review of 3dfx's Voodoo 5 5500. Then, mysteriously, they took the review offline, and rumors about what happened started flying. Finally, the guys at Riva3D decided to put the review back online, along with a letter to their readers explaining what had taken place. You should definitely read the whole letter, but here's the core of it:
I never even considered that it would be a major deal for them when I did the V5 5500 review, but shortly after the article was posted, I received a conference call with two of the PR reps, and they made it very clear that they were not happy with an NVIDIA affiliated site doing a review of a competitor's product. There were no complaints about the accuracy or methodology used in the tests. There were no complaints about inaccuracies or with the content in general.
Craziness. If Ross's letter is to be believed, the NVIDIA reps were way out of line. You can read the Voodoo 5 review that started this whole ruckus. Seems innocuous enough to me.

Of course, the cold, HardOCP has followed this creeping scandal every step of the way, and today Kyle busted out an op-ed piece calling for the heads of some NVIDIA reps. If Riva3D's allegations are true, and if we're not missing any important details in this whole story, I'd have to say Kyle's response is appropriate. Very serious stuff, indeed.

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