Hackers to Sega: "NEXT!"

Just had to report on this bit of console news. Here's a familiar theme: Console is released, fans claim console games are uncopyable because of X feature, determined pirates prove fans wrong. Now, substitute "Dreamcast" for console and "GD-ROM" for X, and you've got a handle on this story at ABCNEWS.com.

Yes, crackers have had their way with the Dreamcast, and it seems they're now going to town posting games all over the web. The crack works via a "loader disc" scheme; a CD-R with a particular piece of code is used to make the Dreamcast think the pirate game discs are real Dreamcast games. Insert loader disc, then insert game disc. Simple enough, I suppose.

Sega is reporting only 5-10% of the U.S. Dreamcasts will work with the system; the crackers are claiming that's a bunch of bull. Never underestimate the ingenuity of a human wanting to steal something.

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