Asus makes overclockers happy

Those crazy, nutty, loopy guys at Insane Hardware have gotten confirmation from Asus that the production A7V Thunderbird/Duron motherboards will have the multiplier control included. You can read the short but sweet story here. If you've been living in a cave (like ya' do), and don't realize the significance of this, I'll catch you up.

Tom's Hardware ran a story a couple of weeks ago that went into all sorts of high-level theory on overclocking the Thunderbird/Duron, then immediately revealed that none of the theory really mattered because his pre-production A7V had DIP switches that could change the processor multiplier. And there was much rejoicing.

However, this was "pre-production" after all, and the big question was whether or not Asus was going to risk ticking AMD off by leaving the magic DIP switches on the board. According to this latest bit of news, they are, probably making the A7V the most popular T-Bird/Duron overclocker's board before it's even released. If Tom's results are typical, that means that Duron 650 + Asus A7V = Duron 950. I like that math.

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