ULi motherboard unofficially supports SLI

Although NVIDIA has yet to grant SLI certification to non-nForce chipsets, it appears that ULi's latest core logic supports the GPU-teaming technology. HKEPC Hardware managed to get (in Chinese, bring a translator) a pair of GeForce 7800 GTX graphics cards working in SLI on ASRock's 939SLi-eSATA2, a motherboard that uses ULi's M1697 chipset. HKEPC used an "SLI Enabled" chipset driver from ASRock's own web site, although that driver seems to have disappeared from the motherboard's download page.

The ULi chipset's SLI performance looks every bit as good as that of the nForce4 SLI. However, if the ULi chipset driver has already been pulled, it seems likely that NVIDIA will take further steps to disable unauthorized SLI support with its next graphics driver update. NVIDIA has already confirmed that its priority is certifying nForce-based motherboards for SLI, and despite its recent acquisition on ULi, NVIDIA appears to be in no rush to let SLI play on other platforms.

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