AMD's Socket AM2 to support 800MHz DDR2 memory

This is a bit of good news. The Inq today reports that AMD's upcoming new socket for Athlon 64 processors, and by extension the processors that go into it, will indeed support DDR2 memory at speeds up to 800MHz. The rumblings I'd been hearing earlier this year had Socket AM2 topping out at 667MHz, which is obviously less than ideal since DDR2 memory really stretches its legs at higher clock frequencies.

If this report is true, I am really looking forward to how the CPU game will play out in the coming months. Folks I've talked to at Intel are barely able to contain their glee over the performance numbers they're seeing out of Conroe samples; they are cautious not to set expectations too high or invoke the full brunt of the Osborne effect, but they're very, very confident that Conroe will be an excellent performer. If the upcoming new core revision of the Athlon 64 X2 will be mated to 800MHz DDR2 memory, I'd have to be pretty bullish on performance expectations for AMD, as well. This should be fun.

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