Dreamcast thing: Yep, it works

Yesterday I reported that hackers had made it possible to burn CD-R copies of Dreamcast games. Being from the Show-Me State, I of course wasn't satisfied with first-hand accounts of such occurrences, so I went looking for the necessary downloadables to test it.

After some false starts and a couple of coasters, I successfully burned a game and used the loader disc to fire it up in the Dreamcast. Having said that, I'll address the two groups that are inevitably firing up their e-mail clients. First, to those who want to know where I found the Dreamcast games: Go away. I'm not telling you. Second, to those prepared to moan and wail about my horrid, illegal act: Go away. I purposely chose a game I legitimately own, so don't start using the P word.

This was all an experiment anyway. I've been curious about the hackability of the Dreamcast since it first came out and people were proclaiming that it "would never be cracked." Of course, people said that about the N64 because it uses ROM carts, but that didn't exactly work out either. Moral of the story: Never say never.

One interesting final note: In the course of my explorations I came across what the author claims is an interview with an anonymous Sega employee. They quiz the guy about how Sega is responding internally to the cracking news, and talk about other miscellaneous stuff as well. It's worth a read if you're bored.

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