Next-gen ATI GPU to channel Xbox 360 chip

Beyond3D is reporting that ATI has confirmed its next-gen architecture leverages technology used in the Xbox 360's Xenos graphics chip.
At a recent analyst session ATI’s Senior VP of PC Business, Rick Bergman, has confirmed that their next generation of PC graphics products will feature much of the technology developed for "Xenos", ATI’s XBOX 360 graphics chip. We’ve surmised that this is likely be the case previously, given that Xenos utilises a unified shader architecture at the hardware level, with both Pixel Shaders and Vertex shaders utilising the same ALU resources it becomes a ripe time to implement it with DirectX10 unifying the vertex and pixel shader programming capabilities in the API.
In related news, Xbit Labs has word that NVIDIA's next-gen G80 graphics part will utilize separate pixel and vertex units. That will make for an interesting comparison if both chips are available at the same time, and it will be interesting to see whether a general purpose unified shader can outperform a pair of more specialized processors.
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