New AOpen MiniPC photos unveiled

DailyTech has some pictures of AOpen's latest MiniPC answer to the Mac mini. This is actually AOpen's second MiniPC, the first model having launched in November of last year. The new machine still seems to be slightly smaller than the Apple unit, with the base measuring 6" by 6" versus the Mac mini's 6.5" by 6.5". The new MiniPC will apparently feature a Dothan or Yonah Pentium M processor, an Intel 945GT chipset, and a mini-PCI expansion slot. Complete systems will supposedly cost little under $1000, and barebones versions are also planned. AOpen seems to be making more of an effort to cater to small form factor enthusiasts rather than competing directly with the Mac mini, since the MiniPC looks too costly to be an attractive low-end desktop or home theater PC. The new unit is set to be officially unveiled at this year's CeBit show, which is taking place from March 9th to March 15th in Hannover, Germany.
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