Who'da thunk it?

Intel—Rambus’s largest and loudest supporter—has posted benchmarks on its site that basically prove what just about everybody already knows. Rambus RDRAM isn’t exactly the performer that some would lead us to believe. Here’s a quote from the Semiconductor Business News article:

In nine of 11 standard industry benchmarks the 815E/PC133 synchronous DRAM implementation beat out the 820/Rambus configuration for desktop PCs. The two chip sets and different memory formats were about equal in three of those tests, according to results on Intel's Web site.

Now, just for the sake of accuracy, these tests were preformed on 2 different chipsets. Nevertheless, it pretty much shows that RDRAM has quite a ways to go before it can truly compete on its own merits. I’d be really interested to see how a chipset with DDR support and 128MB of DDR-SDRAM would fare against either of these systems. You can check out the rest of the SBN article—including the benchmarks snagged from Intel’s site—over here.

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