NVIDIA, ATI chipset plans exposed

DailyTech has some purported info regarding the MCP55, NVIDIA's upcoming Socket AM2 (desktop) and Socket S1 (mobile) chipset likely to be dubbed nForce5. The new chipset will apparently feature a new audio controller, dual on-chip Gigabit Ethernet, and six SATA channels. It seems, however, that the MCP55 will still only have 20 PCI Express lanes, which makes it likely that NVIDIA will again have to resort to a dual-chip solution for SLI boards with dual 16-lane PCI Express slots.

ATI is working on new chipsets, as well. The RD550, ATI's Socket AM2 product, will allow dongle-less Crossfire for cheaper video card. On the Intel side, DailyTech claims that the RD600 will support DDR3 memory. ATI also has consumer RS600 and RS690 chipsets planned, which will apparently feature on-chip High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) as well as High Definition audio. The RS600 and RS690 should be able to output HD content, and shipping motherboards will apparently include HDMI connectors to this end. The RD550 is set to be introduced in March, with the RD600 and RS600 following in June.

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