Relief from radio?

I'm especially interested in this story, since I live in Kansas City, town of crap radio stations. Wired has an article about digital radio, which should start broadcasting in 2001. It will offer a hundred stations or so, with a wide variety of music, sports, news and talk radio to choose from.

Unfortunately the service will cost you; listeners will have to pony up around $280 for a receiver, then another $10 a month or so for the service. However, there will be "little or no advertising" according to the article. Initially there will just be car receivers, though portables and home units will come later.

One item in the article that caught my eye was a statement from an employee at one of the digital radio companies, who said that "traditional radio only plays one-third of the music released each year." Is it even that high? In KC, if you took all the stations that claim to play "today's music" and deleted Britney Spears, NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, half the average day would be dead air. It's just depressing. Ah, well, that's what in-car MP3 players are for, I guess.

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