Single-card CrossFire coming from GeCube

According to this interview at DigiTimes, Info-Tek—the company behind GeCube graphics cards—will be following in Asus and Gigabyte's footsteps by providing multiple GPUs on a single card, this time with ATI hardware. The cards will reportedly sell under the "Gemini" moniker, with the first X1600 XT-based sample set to ship in April with a $399 price tag. Gemini cards could be the first single-card CrossFire solutions, and the X1600 XT model will reportedly offer four DVI ports. However, it's worth noting that the combined texel fillrate of two X1600 XTs is still only 4,720Mtexels/s; that doesn't compare favorably with the 8,000Mtexels/s offered by the Radeon X1800 XL and GeForce 7800 GT, which are both available for significantly less than $399.
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