AMD subpoenas Skype in Intel trial

Not pleased with Skype's plans to implement Intel-only features in the new version of its popular voice-over-IP software, AMD has demanded that Skype release documents regarding the deal for use in AMD's ongoing legal battle with Intel. Several weeks ago, Skype announced that the ability to host conference calls with over five users in Skype 2.0 would be restricted to machines equipped with Intel's new Core Duo and Pentium D dual-core processors. Analysts and enthusiasts alike pointed out that there was no obvious technical rationale behind this move, and that even Intel's own Pentium 4 processors—not to mention AMD's Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 X2 chips—should be fast enough for the task. One really has to wonder why Intel even engaged in this deal with Skype while in the middle of an antitrust trial.
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