Upside-down Asus graphics cards appear in Japan

AKIBA PC Hotline! has spotted one of Asus's new upside-down graphics cards (in Japanese, bring a translator). The card employs a unique design that places the GPU and memory on the back of the card, allowing the GPU heatsink to receive significantly more airflow from the CPU and case exhaust fans. Having the GPU heatsink closer to the CPU socket could result in an increase in processor temperatures, though.

Asus's upside-down card is a PCI Express GeForce 6600 with 512MB of DDR2 memory, and it's shipping with a large passive heatsink. Fanless GeForce 6600s aren't particularly out of the ordinary, of course, but an upside-down design could allow for passive cooling on faster cards. Let's hope Asus implements this design on the upcoming GeForce 7600 GT and similar cards.

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