Analyst predicts poor Intel quad-core performance

Nathan Brookwood, an analyst for Insight64, is claiming that Intel's quad-core "Clovertown" Xeon, scheduled for release in 2007, will only offer "marginally better" performance than Woodcrest, the upcoming dual-core Xeon based on Intel's Next Generation Micro-Architecture. Brookwood predicts that Clovertown will simply include two dual-core Woodcrest CPUs in the same package rather than offering a true quad-core design. This would be similar to Intel's current Pentium D, which is still made up of two isolated CPU cores that communicate over a shared bus. Brookwood also suggests that the quad-core chips will be sharing the "Blackford" chipset's dual front-side busses, which could bottleneck performance in some applications. Intel is expected to officially detail its future dual-core and quad-core plans at the Intel Developer Forum, which is taking place from March 7-9 in San Francisco, California.
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