Matrox announces TripleHead2Go expansion module

Matrox today unveiled a new product, the TripleHead2Go, to complement its line of Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs). GXMs are external boxes that connect a single graphics card output to multiple monitors. The new TripleHead2Go—sibling of the current DualHead2Go—allows users to connect up to three displays to their desktop computer or notebook, enabling what the company calls Surround Gaming and Surround Design by providing a field of view of up to 135°.

The TripleHead2Go doesn't include a GPU, so it requires no driver, although the company does supply desktop management software to help segment windows and applications across the three monitors. The product simply identifies itself to the computer as a single, ultra-wide display with a maximum resolution of 3840x1024. Matrox says this method ensures compatibility with "most, if not all" new ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards, both desktop and mobile, although there could be compatibility issues with older cards that don't support the unit's 1920x480, 2400x800, 3072x768, and 3840x1024 resolutions.

Matrox says it has renewed its focus on professionals with the TripleHead2Go, and the unit is designed to enhance mechanical CAD, visualization, digital content creation, and animation tasks. The company has also focused on games: the bundled utility will automatically configure 150 titles for triple-head gaming, including Doom 3, Quake 4, F.E.A.R., Unreal Tournament 2004, Civilization IV, and Age of Empires III. Valve is reportedly still working on Half-Life 2 compatibility. Matrox did mention that some games will require users to manually edit configuration files, and that a few other titles simply won't work due to coding limits and a lack of wide-screen support.

This product is analog-only, although it ships with a DVI-I to analog adapter for users with DVI-only graphics cards. Matrox says a DVI version of the TripleHead2Go is possible, but such a product would have very high bandwidth demands and therefore require a card with a dual-link DVI output. Matrox also points out that the software doesn't support daisy-chaining multiple TripleHead2Go units, so users looking for six-monitor setups will have to bide their time.

Matrox will launch the TripleHead2Go in April with a suggested retail price of $299. The company will also be showing a live demo at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco next week.

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