ATI plans price cuts

X-bit labs reports that ATI plans to make price cuts on its Radeon X1000 line of graphics cards later this month. The move will reportedly follow NVIDIA's release of its GeForce 7900 GT and GTX graphics cards, which are expected to sell for $299 and $499, respectively. The new ATI prices as quoted by X-bit labs are $549 for the X1900 XTX, $479 for the X1900 XT, $299 for the X1800 XT 256MB, $149 for the X1600 XT, and $109 for the X1600 Pro.

If the $299 price for the X1800 XT is genuine, the card will likely be a tough competitor to the rumored $299 GeForce 7900 GT, which is expected to have similar specifications to the current 7800 GTX. ATI is also expected to introduce a Radeon X1800 XL 512MB for $299, as well as an X1800 GTO for $199-249, which will likely compete against NVIDIA's anticipated GeForce 7600 GT.

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