DSL outstrips cable in new subscriptions

For the first year ever, in 2005, there were significantly more new DSL subscriptions than new cable ones. Cable companies managed to snag up 4.4 million extra customers, whereas DSL subscribers increased by 5.2 million, or 18.1% more than cable. Yahoo! News points to the recent DSL price wars, which lowered some introductory subscription prices to less than $15 a month, as the cause for DSL's increased popularity. AT&T, for instance, introduced a $13 per month contract last year, which is valid for twelve months, after which the subscription price increases to $30 a month.

With some European DSL providers offering connections of up to 20Mbit/s for as little as €14.90 ($17.91) a month, it's good to see affordable DSL making headway in the US market, as well.

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