• Phoronix gathers XGI Technology updates
  • DriverHeaven releases DHzer0point 0.62 (tweaked ATI drivers)
  • Björn3D encourages readers to submit pre-chat NVIDIA questions
  • Strategy Informer reviews Horse and Musket 2: Prussia's Glory and Tycoon City: New York
  • Overclockers Online's Cooler Master Real Power 550 giveaway
  • PCApex's NZXT draw-a-case giveaway
  • Legit Reviews on Albatron 6600-512
  • PCMasters review 40GB Western Digital Scorpio WD400VE mobile hard drive (in German)
  • BoxGods compare Logitech G5 vs. Razer Copperhead
  • Overclocker Café reviews Kingwin KF-25 IDE mobile rack
  • DriverHeaven reviews Vantec Vortex 2
  • HardwareOC Austria reviews Verax Polargate (in German)
  • OCIA reviews Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus VGA cooler
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