Hear that? It's the sound of Rambus stock falling

Some major news on the Rambus front. Looks as if a bunch of major industry players are getting together to kick some serious RIMM. The DRAM manufacturers have had just about enough of Rambus, and are quietly planning to file an antitrust complaint with the FTC. Here's a snippet from the Semiconductor Business News:

WASHINGTON -- Major DRAM manufacturers are quietly planning to file an industry antitrust complaint against Rambus Inc. with the Federal Trade Commission, according to high-level industry sources last week.

The move would be a pre-emptive strike to have Rambus' synchronous-DRAM interface patents declared unenforceable. The biggest memory makers also want to block further attempts by Rambus to force them to pay royalties on their mainstream SDRAMs, double-data-rate SDRAMs, and logic controllers with synchronous interfaces.

Sounds like the DRAM manufacturers have had just about enough of Rambus's shenanigans. If this all proves to be true, I wouldn't be surprised to see RMBS stock take a significant price hit. You can read the entire SBN article here.

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