Samsung UMPC, other prototypes revealed

Macworld has the scoop on Samsung's upcoming Ultra Mobile PC based on the Intel UMPC/Microsoft Origami specification. Dubbed Q1, the machine has a 900MHz Celeron processor, 500MB of RAM, 802.11a/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and runs a "special edition" of Windows XP. The device reportedly features an instant-on media player, as well. No availability or pricing details are available yet, but the device will be discussed further at CeBit tomorrow.

In related news, Anandtech also has some photos of UMPC prototypes from IDF. The devices pictured reportedly sport 5-6" screens with resolutions up to 800x600, use 1.8" 30GB hard drives, and feature ultra-low voltage Pentium Ms with power consumption as low as 5W. Weights appear to be in the 1-1.3lbs range, which should make them pretty portable. They won't fit in your pocket, though.

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