Origami/UMPC officially announced

Microsoft has finally taken the wraps off its massively hyped Origami Project. The Origami device is indeed Intel's Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC): a PDA and Tablet PC hybrid that runs a full—albeit customized—version of Windows XP. The UMPC reference design reportedly weighs less than 2lbs, and features a 7" touch-sensitive display, stylus, and an Intel Celeron M processor. EE Times says that the device only has a three-hour battery life, which could be somewhat of a hindrance considering its small size and purported versatility.

Asus, Samsung, and Founder are in on the Origami launch, with Asus and Samsung's offerings expected in April, followed by Founder's in June. Prices are expected to be between $599 and $999, although Microsoft says that the devices could be offered for as little as $500 were a manufacturer to select components "carefully."

More official details are available on Microsoft and Intel's respective UMPC pages. In addition, Engadget had a hands-on look at the Samsung, ASUS, and Founder UMPCs at CeBit.

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