ECS introduces Core Duo desktop boards, HTPC

At CeBit today, ECS announced two Intel Mobile on Desktop (MoDT) motherboards for the Intel Core Duo. The PF23 and 945GT-M feature Intel 975X and 945GT chipsets, respectively, and have mPGA479M sockets designed to accommodate Core Solo and Core Duo chips. Interestingly, the PF23 is a CrossFire-compatible motherboard, which ECS touts as being overclocker-friendly. It features ECS's Instant Overclocking Controller, an automatic overclocking system, and ECSonicII, a tool that allows users to overclock directly from Windows. As for the 945GT-M, it supports Intel's Viiv technology, which should make it a decent solution for custom-built Home Theater PCs (HTPCs).

Speaking of HTCPs, ECS also introduced its P60 Digital Home PC today. Like the 945GT-M, it offers Viiv and Core Duo support, although this time it's in a full system. The P60 also has DVR capabilities, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. ECS says the P60 will be out by the end of March, but the company gave no release date for the PF23 and 945GT-M MoDT motherboards.

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