VIA announces ultra-low power C7-M CPU

At CeBit, VIA has announced its new line of C7-M Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processors. Whereas the regular C7 processors draw between 12W at 1.5GHz and 20W at 2.0GHz, the C7-M ULV draws an impressively low 3.5W at 1.0GHz and only 7.5W at 1.5GHz. VIA claims this gives the C7-M ULV "the best performance-per-watt operation and the smallest footprint in the industry." The VIA C7-M ULV is expected to appear in a variety of small form factor machines, including the "SmartCaddie" Ultra Mobile PC from Japan's PBJ. Considering the expected three-hour battery life of other UMPC models, let's hope C7-M ULV-based UMPCs end up with a little more autonomy.
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