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Can you feel it? It's time again for another monthly PC hardware industry update from Dean Kent over at Real World Tech. This time around, Dean puts the smack down on rumors about Micron entering the chipset market in force with their Samurai DDR chipsets:
Despite recent news reports on some 'enthusiast' sites that indicate Micron will be entering the chipset market, a spokesperson for Micron told me on July 7 that they currently have absolutely no plans to do this. In fact, when asked about a recent article on this subject published on another site, which seemed to imply they were ready to enter the chipset market, the Micron spokesperson said that the author had "obviously not spoken with anyone at Micron"
So I guess that one's settled for the time being—until someone else starts wondering why no one seems to want to compete with the Via *cough* juggernaut *cough*.

Dean also covers the latest developments from Intel, Via, Rambus, and the like. Good reading if you want to be in the know.

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