Epson develops OLED printer

EE Times reports that Epson has developed the world's first OLED print head. Epson describes the new technology thus:
The red OLED material is coated on a glass substrate. It can be applied directly onto a glass substrate, making it possible for a single substrate to have a linear light source. This enables the exact amount of light to irradiate a spot with extreme accuracy to form highly uniform images.
OLEDs, or organic light-emitting diodes, have a "large potential" for compact print heads and could allow for performance similar to laser printers, according to an Epson spokesman. Both Epson and Sumimoto Chemicals, which supplied Epson with OLED material for the prototype print heads, will now focus on volume production of the heads. Considering the OLED market's recent growth, let's hope OLED printers turn out to be cheaper than their laser-based siblings.
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