Intel introduces low-voltage Xeon LV processors

Intel has launched a pair of dual-core, low-voltage Xeon LV processors based on the same architecture as its Core Duo mobile chips. The Xeon LVs are rated for a 31W total dissipated power (TDP), clocked at 1.66GHz and 2.0GHz, and compatible with Intel's existing E7520 chipset. The LVs will be priced at $209 for the 1.66GHz chip and $423 for the 2.0GHz version, which is actually similar pricing to equivalent Core Duos. Intel claims "up to two to four times the performance-per-watt of previous Intel Xeon processors and platforms," although a footnote specifies that the "previous" Xeons are in fact old single-core models.

Of course, we should note that Intel's Core Duo architecture is 32-bit, whereas AMD's Opterons and Intel's other recent Xeons are all 64-bit. Intel keeps relatively quiet about the subject in the Xeon LV product brief (PDF), but the specifications do list "support for up to 16GB of memory [...] in a 32-bit computing environment". It looks like we'll have to wait for Woodcrest, Intel's upcoming NGMA server chip, to see some true low-power 64-bit Intel servers.

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