Dually Vias come of age

The guys at 2CPU.com are back in the saddle with a review of the Tyan Tiger 133. This dually Via 133A board may finally be fit for consumption. I'd wondered where this board went, and 2CPU has the scoop:
The Tiger 133 got off to quite a rocky start. The first few runs of the board were quite buggy and the board earned a reputation as, well, a piece of junk. Tyan has been making quality motherboards (especially dual motherboards) for some time and they weren't content to leave it at that. The Tiger 133 was pulled from production until all the bugs were fixed.
So there you have it. Now the Tiger 133 is back, and it's sounding pretty smooth. (SMP is nothing if not smooth.) Read the review for the word on the Tiger 133's stability.
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