Iwill shows boards with 16 DIMM slots

At CeBit today, Iwill displayed its upcoming DF88 and DPK66-S dual-CPU motherboards, both featuring an impressive 16 DIMM slots. The DF88 is designed for AMD's 1,207-pin Socket F Opterons and features eight DIMM slots per CPU, or four slots per channel. Memory speeds reportedly drop from the standard DDR2-800 to DDR2-667 when six DIMM slots are populated for each CPU (12 total), and to DDR2-533 when all eight slots are filled (16 total). The DPK66-S is Intel-based, sporting Intel's upcoming Blackford server chipset, which will accompany the upcoming 65nm Dempsey Xeons. The DPK66-S supports FB-DIMMs, and has eight slots for each of Blackford's two memory channels. Both boards should allow up to 32GB of RAM with standard 2GB DDR2 DIMMs, and up to 64GB once 4GB DIMMs become more readily available.
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