IE 5.5: It's not a browser!

— 4:45 PM on July 12, 2000

I saw over on the 'Shack that the final version of Internet Explorer 5.5 has been released. You can get the setup program here. It looks like the lawyers were definitely involved with this one: everywhere you look it refers to the new IE as an "update to Windows."

After you install it, IE 5.5 takes you to an "Internet Explorer Tour" site that includes a what's new section. Unfortunately it covers what's new since IE 4, so if you're an IE 5 user most of the "new" stuff won't be. Another page I found lists the main improvements as the Print Preview feature, as well as "improved support for DHTML and CSS."

I have to admit, the print preview thing is a nice addition. Have you ever noticed that when printing web pages, the last page to roll off the printer consists of a single line you don't really care about? A minor issue, but an annoying one. I'm sure Greenpeace will be celebrating the millions of trees Microsoft has saved by introducing IE 5.5. Or.... maybe not.

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