Xeon LV spotted in Japan

An early batch of Intel's new Sossaman-based Xeon LV processors have popped up at Akiba (in Japanese, translate here). 1.66GHz chips are reportedly selling for ¥31,290 ($266), with the 2.0GHz model going for between ¥57,700 and ¥70,140 ($491-597). Those prices are a little higher than the bulk pricing Intel announced Tuesday.

Since 479-pin Xeon LV processors won't plug into the usual 604-pin Xeon socket, new motherboards are needed. Akiba has pictures of three Xeon LV server boards, including Supermicro's X6DLP-4G2 and X6DLP-EG2, as well as Tyan's i7520SD. All three feature dual mPGA479 sockets, eight DIMM slots, and either one or two PCI-E x8 slots.

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