Windows XP on Mac patch available

In the wake of Blanka and Narf's victory in the "Windows XP on an Intel Mac" contest yesterday, the contest site has made the patch available, along with some detailed instructions for the installation procedure. In a nutshell, the patch involves slipstreaming the modified boot loader into a Windows XP CD image, burning said image, partitioning the target Intel-powered Mac, installing OS X, copying the EFI image to the OS X partition, and finally installing Windows XP. For now, the procedure requires Windows PC with a copy of Nero installed, but some untested instructions are provided for users wishing to create the modified Windows XP CD with a Mac.

While the procedure is overall successful, there are still a number of issues with the current patch: there are no working video drivers beyond the default XP ones, and neither iSight nor Bluetooth are usable. The Macbook Pro's numlock and delete keys, along with the screen brightness adjustments and keyboard backlight, are also inoperable. The patch is at the alpha stage, however, so it is likely that these issues will be resolved in the future.

In an interview with EE Times today, Colin Nederkom—the man behind the contest—said he plans to move the project to SourceForge, where other developers can help shape it into something more polished and accessible.

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