Real World Tech goes deep inside Core

The past few weeks have been horribly busy, and I've neglected to write much about the Core microarchitecture details Intel divulged at IDF recently. If you want to know more about Intel's new microarchitecture, let me recommend David Kanter's Core write-up at Real World Tech, which has detailed diagrams and some good explanations of Core's key features. Kanter picked the brains of Core's lead architects, and he explains how Intel has found ways to feed its four-issue-wide design using lots of instruction decoders, opportunistic joining of x86 and internal micro-ops, and deep internal buffering, among other things. These techniques should allow Intel to extract more instruction-level parallelism out of Core than any previous x86-compatible microarchitecture. If you want to understand better how Intel's new processors will work, this is required reading.
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